Deus Ex Holds Off Driver San Francisco


Square Enix and Eidos’ ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ (-46%) has held off Ubisoft’s new release ‘Driver: San Francisco’ despite nearly halving in sales from last week’s opening gambit to claim a second week at No1.

Just like Deus Ex, it’s another rejuvenation of a franchise having been over four years since the last iteration in the Driver series (Driver 76 on PSP and Driver: Parallel Lines on Wii and PC were both released in 2007) with the Xbox 360 just ahead of the PS3 taking 53% of the share to PS3’s 46%. 505 Games’ two titles, ‘Zumba Fitness’ ( -19%) and ‘Rugby World Cup 2011’ (-30%), continue to stick together, both down a place at No3 and No4 respectively.

Also shuffling down a place is Disney’s ‘Lego Pirates of the Caribbean’ (-16%) at No5 with EA’s new entry, American football title ‘Madden NFL 12’, charging in at No6. Activision Blizzard’s ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ (+3%) is at No7 with Disney’s ‘Cars 2’ (-9%) following behind at No8. EA round of the top ten with ‘FIFA 11’ (-6%) at No9 and ‘The Sims 3’ (+3%) at No10. The only other new entry to make it into the Top 40 this week is Codemasters’ ‘Bodycount’ at No36.

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