Gamers Flock to Dead Island's Shores


We’ve not had 4 new releases in the Top 10 since week 13 this year (with the launch of ‘Zumba Fitness’ on Wii and multi-format titles ‘Shift 2: Unleashed’, ‘Tiger Woods PGA 12’ & ‘WWE All Stars’), but this week even sees 3 new titles within the Top 5.

Debuting at No1 is Deep Silver/Koch’s highly anticipated ‘Dead Island’ for 360/PS3/PC from Polish indie developer Techland (also recently in the charts with ‘Call of Juarez: The Cartel’ 360/PS3-PC version new this week). Debuting at No2 is THQ’s 360/PS3/PC ‘Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine’ from THQ Dawn of War/Company of Heroes studio Relic. Interestingly, PC retail sales for ‘Space Marine’ are higher than those for ‘Dead Island’, which may have something to do with the fact that the THQ title was not available on the UK Steam site at launch. Ubisoft’s ‘Driver: San Francisco’ drops 1 place to No3 (-6%), whilst new at No4 is Sony’s ‘Resistance 3’ for PS3, developed as usual by Insomniac and is the first in the series to feature 3D and Move support. Last week’s No1, Square-Enix’s ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ drops to No5 (-60%) and the final new release within the Top 10 is Nintendo’s ‘Star Fox 64 3D’ for 3DS, debuting at No9. Also new this week is EA’s ‘NHL 12’ at No12 and Kinect PEGI 18 horror ‘Rise of Nightmares’ from Sega at No37.

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