Let the Battlefield Commence


EA’s drive to compete with Activision in the FPS genre continues to gain momentum with the launch of this week’s new No1, ‘Battlefield 3’ on 360/PS3/PC by EA’s Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE).

The game begins life as the 10th biggest UK All Formats week 1 seller (units) and 9th by revenue. Last year EA launched ‘Medal of Honor’ in week 41/2010 and ‘Battlefield 3’ has outsold the week 1 units on that title by 2:1 (developed by EA studio ‘Danger Close’ in LA, but with DICE involvement). In fact, adding up all 17 ‘Battlefield’ games week 1 sales since ‘Battlefield 1942’ in 2002 shows us that ‘Battlefield 3’ has outsold the cumulative week 1 sales of all of these combined. Warner’s ‘Batman: Arkham City’ drops to No2 (-52%), EA’s ‘FIFA 12’ drops 1 place to No3 (-14%) and Sega’s ‘Football Manager 2012’ also drops 1 place to No4 (-42%). Ubisoft remain at No5 for a second week with ‘Just Dance 3’ (-12%) and Activision’s ‘Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure’ continues to improve both in sales and chart positions, breaking in to the Top 10 at No9 (+31%).

Also of note this week is Microsoft’s ‘Kinect Sports: Season Two’ debuting at No18 – this is the follow-up to Kinect launch title ‘Kinect Sports’ back in week 45/2010 and which is by far the best-selling Kinect game in the UK. The only other new entry this week is Namco Bandai’s 360/PS3 ‘Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi’ debuting at No23. Note that Ubisoft’s ‘Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn’ makes an appearance at No35 (+132%) but was actually launched the previous week.

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