The Getaway - Back in stock and back at No1


The All Software (All Formats) Top 40 sees Sony’s PS2 ‘The Getaway’ rising from No2 to No1, having been put back on the shelves 2 weeks ago.

Rockstar/Take2’s PS2 ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’ is now No2, having held the No1 spot for the last 5 weeks (and 10 weeks in total – 2 equal runs of 5 weeks only broken up by ‘The Getaway’ in week 50, 2002). EA take No’s 3-7 with PC ‘Sim City 4’ at No3, ‘FIFA 2003’ at No4, ‘Harry Potter – Chamber Of Secrets’ at No5, ‘James Bond 007: Nightfire’ at No6 and ‘Lord Of The Rings – The Two Towers’ at No7. Konami remain at No8 with PSX ‘Dancing Stage Party Edition’ and also take No9 with PSX/PS2 ‘Dancing Stage Euromix’. EA take No10 with PSX/PC/GBC/GBA ‘Harry Potter - Philosopher’s Stone’, thanks to some serious retail discounting on the PC and PSX versions. The All Software (Budget Price) Top 40 sees EA at No1 for a 2nd week thanks to PSX/PC ‘Harry Potter – Philosopher’s Stone’. Universal/Vivendi remain at No2 with PS2 ‘Crash Bandicoot – Wrath Of Cortex’ and Eidos stay at No3 with PC/PSX/PS2 ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2’. Davilex remain at No4 with PSX/PS2/PC ‘London Racer II’ and Activision climb 11 places to take No5 with PSX/PS2/XB/GC ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3’ – mainly thanks to the PS2 version.

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