Massive FIFA 13 raises curtain on Q4


It’s time for the market to explode, as EA’s ‘FIFA 13' debuts at No 1.

It joins the select club of titles that have sold more than 1m units in their opening week, the others being Call of Duty series Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 & 3. ‘FIFA 13’ outsold previous best ‘FIFA 12’ by +27% in units and +31% by revenue (based on opening week sales). Week 39 total market units climb 196% over the previous week (+282% by revenue) to become by far the biggest week of the year so far and the curtain-raiser for the much hoped for Q4 revival.

‘FIFA 13’ accounted for an astonishing 71% of all units and 80% of all entertainment software revenue this week (up from 62%/72% for FIFA 12 last year), revealing an even greater polarisation of sales towards triple A product. Finally, in a comparison between week 39-12 vs. week 39-11, this week is up 11% in units and 18% in revenue. Last week’s No1 ‘Borderlands 2’ drops to No2 (-60%) and Codemasters also drop one place to No3 with ‘F1 2012’ (-38%).

But it’s not just a FIFA festival this week as Activision Blizzard’s ‘World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria’ debuts at No4, a mid-week release from Tuesday 25th September. Also debuting this week is Ubisoft’s innovative ‘Rocksmith’ at No7, Tecmo Koei’s ‘Dead or Alive 5’ at No11, Rovio/Activision’s ‘Angry Birds Trilogy’ at No16 and Sony’s ‘Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition’ at No17. In the console hardware world Sony’s PS3 ‘Super Slim’ 500GB debuts this week and immediately sees PS3 hardware sales rocket 138% over last week – the 500GB variant accounted for 37% of all PS3’s sold.

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