Welcome Wii U


Almost exactly 6 years to the day, the successor to Nintendo Wii arrives, heralding the next console generation.

Nintendo’s Wii U launched on Friday 30th November 2012 (Wii on Friday 8th December, 2006) and Wii U arrives with 24 launch titles spread over 11 publishers, more than any other home console ever launched in the UK (there were 14 launch titles for Wii spread over 8 publishers). Just like with Wii there are 2 first party launch titles ‘Nintendo Land’ & ‘New Super Mario Bros. U' (Wii had ‘Zelda: Twilight Princess’ & ‘Wii Play’) and just like before, these 1st party titles are the top-selling games, with ‘Nintendo Land’ bundled within an official launch pack (see below).

Also just like before, Ubisoft have the greatest number of launch titles with 6 for Wii U compared to 4 for Wii. And Ubisoft can again claim to have the best-performing 3rd party launch title, thanks this time to ‘Zombi U’ (‘Red Steel’ back on Wii), but of course ‘Zombi U’ was sold solus and also as a flagship title within the Premium 32GB Zombi U Pack. Indeed, the Zombi U Pack accounted for 30% of Wii U hardware for week 1. This, coupled to the 60% share of the Premium 32GB Nintendo Land Pack means that only 10% of week 1 Wii U customers opted for the Wii U 8GB Basic Pack.

Looking at the Entertainment Software All Formats Top 40, Activision’s ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’ takes a 3rd straight week at No1 (-35%) with a Wii U version debuting this week. Ubisoft claim the biggest new entry at No2 with ‘Far Cry 3’ for 360/PS3/PC and this title becomes the 9th biggest launch of 2012, just behind last week’s ‘Hitman Absolution’. EA’s ‘FIFA 13’ remains at No3 for a 4th week in a row (+19%) and also welcomes a Wii U version into the family. This means that ‘FIFA 13’ is now available on 9 different formats, which has not happened since 1993/1994’s ‘FIFA International Soccer’, which also made it to 9 formats.

Square Enix’s ‘Hitman Absolution’ drops from a debut last week at No2 to No4 this week (-51%) and Ubsioft drop 1 place to No5 with ‘Assassin’s Creed III', which this week gains 2 Wii U SKU’s (Standard edition and Join or Die edition). Ubisoft’s ‘Just Dance 4’ moves up 1 place to No6 (+48%) and also gets a Wii U edition. Warner’s ‘Lego The Lord of the Rings’ is at No7 (+6%) and Microsoft’s ‘Halo 4’ drops 3 places to No8 (-12%). Activision’s ‘Skylanders Giants’ is at No9 (+4%) also with a Wii U version and EA’s ‘Need For Speed Most Wanted’ takes No10 (+28%). The Top 3 Wii U titles all debut in the Top 40 with Nintendo’s ‘Nintendo Land’ at No11, ‘New Super Mario Bros. U’ at No 14 and Ubisoft’s ‘Zombi U’ at No17. In summary, there were 5 Wii U SKU’s of titles within the Top 10 and 10 Wii U versions of titles within the Top 40.

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