The Last of Us Survives Another Week


There’s still no stopping ‘The Last of Us’ (-22%) as Naughty Dog takes the No1 for a 6th consecutive week.

In topping the chart again it also matches the unbroken runs of ‘Black Ops II’ and ‘FIFA 12’, an impressive feat as the title is exclusive to just one format. ‘Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition’ (+20%) propels itself back up to No2 following a strong boost in sales. ‘Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros’ (-8%) hold their position at No3 just ahead of Nintendo’s second 3DS title ‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf’ (-9%) at No4.

There’s a debut at No5 as developer Omega Force return with ‘Dynasty Warriors 8’ landing at No5. The latest instalment places 4th in the series best launch weeks behind Dynasty Warriors 6, 7 and Dynasty Warriors 5 - Empires. Ubisoft remain at No6 with ‘Far Cry 3’ (+4%) while retailer promotions for ‘Max Payne 3’ (+135%) see it climb nineteen places to No7. Strong sales for ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Legendary Edition’ (+31%) by Bethesda push it back into the Top 10 at No8. With the next edition on the horizon EA’s ‘FIFA 13’ (-43%) slips to its lowest position since launch (week 39 2012) dropping from No4 to No9. Square Enix round of the Top 10 with ‘Tomb Raider’ (-10%) sliding a spot to No10.

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