GTA V Steals Back No1


Having debuted 4 weeks ago at No1 as the biggest selling game of all time (week 1 sales), Rockstar/Take 2’s ‘GTA V’ re-takes No1 (-53%).

EA’s ‘FIFA 14’ (-66%) drops to No2 – both titles have now had 2 weeks at No1. Nintendo’s new fully 3D 6th generation Pokemon titles debut at No’s 3&4, with ‘Pokemon X’ at No3 and ‘Pokemon Y’ at No4. Sales on these 2 products are around double last year’s Pokemon Black2/White 2 opening week (W41-2012). Pokemon X and Y are the first major headline Pokemon releases to be coded as 3DS titles (after ‘Super Pokemon Rumble’ and ‘Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Infinity’) and X/Y are the first major Pokemon releases to launch in the same week as a Nintendo hand-held console (2DS launched this week) – we’ve come close before with 3DS hardware (W12-2011) released 3 weeks after Pokemon Black/White and DSI XL (W9-2010) released 3 weeks before Pokemon HeartGold/Soulsilver.

Debuting at No5 is Sony’s PS3 exclusive ‘Beyond Two Souls’ from Quantic Dream, last seen 3 and a half years ago with ‘Heavy Rain’ (W8-2010) which debuted at No1. The final new releases this week are NIS America’s ‘Dragon’s Crown’ at No19 and the third Moshi Monsters title, Mind Candy’s ‘Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed’ at No28.

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