San Andreas back at No1 with EA hot on its tail


Rockstar/Take 2’s ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ (PS2) regains No1 in the Entertainment Software Top 40 with strong competition from EA’s ‘Need for Speed: Underground 2’(PS2/XB/PC/GC/GBA), a new entry at No2.

‘Need for Speed: Underground 2’ on PS2 improves on the original’s launch week – achieving the 8th highest PS2 launch week in the UK, making it a strong contender for the All Formats Xmas No1. The highly anticipated ‘Half-Life 2’ (PC) from Vivendi debuts at No3 meaning ‘Halo 2’ drops 3 places from No1 to No4. ‘Half-Life 2’ becomes the 3rd fastest-selling PC title ever in the UK, behind ‘Championship Manager 4’ and ‘The Sims 2’. Unusually this week, the Entertainment Software Top 10 is dominated by 7 single format exclusives – 4 PS2-only, 2 PC-only and 1 Xbox-only. The only other new releases to make it into the Entertainment Software Top 40 are EA’s ‘Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault’ (PC) at No25, Midway’s ‘Mortal Kombat: Deception’ (PS2/XB) at No28 and Sony’s ‘Singstar Party’ (PS2) at No40.

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