EA in top gear for Christmas with Need for Speed still at No1


With just one week to go before the Official Christmas No1 is revealed there is no change in the Top 2 with EA still motoring thanks to ‘Need For Speed: Underground 2’ (PS2/XB/GC/PC/GBA), while Take 2 settles into the slipstream of the 5 format mod-racer with ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ (PS2) at No2…although this is the 7th week at No1 for ‘San Andreas’ on the PS2 Full Price Chart.

However, both titles lose out in terms of sales units, down 17% and 20% respectively over last week. Up 2 places to No3 and with a full week of sales in its second week, Activision’s ‘Call Of Duty: Finest Hour’ (PS2/XB/GC) climbs a massive 73% over the 3 formats. Disney/THQ’s multi-format ‘The Incredibles’ remains at No4 with sales climbing 41% over last week. EA’s ‘FIFA 2005’ is only fifth in the league this week, down 2 places as sales across the 7 formats only increase by 1%. Ubisoft’s ‘Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within’ has the highest Top 40 sales increase of 89%, with the Prince taking no prisoners on his way from No13 to No6 (like ‘Call Of Duty: Finest Hour’ this is the first full week of sales for the title since it debuted last week). EA hold steady at the natural chart position for a Bond-themed game – No 007, with sales up just 1% over the 3 formats (PS2/XB/GC). Sony’s PS2 ‘The Getaway: Black Monday’ climbs 2 places to No8 with a respectable climb of 15% in sales and Konami takes No9 with PS2/XB/PC ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 4’, down 3 places from last week’s No6, with sales down 15%. Microsoft take No10 with ‘Halo 2’ on Xbox, down 2 places from last week with sales down 13%. This week’s lone new entry, just in time for Christmas, is EA’s PC ‘Lord Of The Rings – Battle For Middle Earth’ which debuts at No18.

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