New Order At The Top


It’s a debut at No1 for Bethesda’s Swedish studio MachineGames first game - ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order'.

It's the 6th game in a series that began in 1981 with ‘Castle Wolfenstein’ and becomes the 2nd biggest release of 2014 (behind Microsoft’s Titanfall initial release in week 11 on Xbox One/PC) and New Order accounts for a quarter of all entertainment software unit sales in week 21, 2014 (36% of all revenue). It is also the first ‘Wolfenstein’ to reach No1 on the All Formats Chart in the UK, also topping each individual format chart (All Format Charts began in 1997), with Activision’s ‘Return to Castle Wolfenstein’ (2001, 4th game in the series) reaching No11 and sequel ‘Wolfenstein’ (2009, 5th game in the series) reaching No2 in week 34, 2009 (behind Wii Sports Resort). Sony climb one place to No2 with ‘Minecraft PS3 Edition’ (+49%) and EA’s ‘FIFA 14’ drops 2 places to No3 (+15%).

Microsoft’s ‘Titanfall’ also drops 2 places to No4 (-3%) but EA’s ‘2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil’ remains at No5 for a third week (+20%). The only other new release to grace the Top 40 is Codemasters’ ‘F1 2013: Complete Edition’ at No34. On PC Full Price Kalypso debut at No4 with ‘Tropico 5’ and on PC Budget Deep Silver/Koch debut at No12 with the humorous ‘Goat Simulator’.

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