Star Wars wins the battle of the RPGs


In the battle of the new releases Lucasarts’ ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords’ (XB/PC) beats Vivendi’s highly anticipated ‘World of Warcraft’ (PC) to No1 knocking last weeks No1 Sega’s ‘Sonic Mega Collection Plus’ (PS2/XB) down to No3.

Sega's title does however claim No1 in the PS2 Full Price Chart ahead of San Andreas with an increase in sales of 42%. Knights of the Old Republic II becomes the 6th Star Wars title to top the All Formats chart, with both the Xbox and PC versions outselling their predecessors in their launch weeks. The first Knights of the Old Republic was originally released on Xbox only and if this had been the case for the sequel Vivendi’s ‘World of Warcraft’ would have topped the Chart this week. ‘World of Warcraft’ achieves the highest launch week of any Online-only game, with more launch week sales than any previous Warcraft title. THQ now has 2 film licenses in the All Formats Top 10 as ‘The Spongebob Squarepants Movie’ (PS2/GBA/XB/GC) becomes this week’s highest climber up 12 places from No18 to No6 and ‘The Incredibles’ hangs in, dropping from No5 to No9.

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