Lucasarts knocks itself off No1 with Mercenaries


Lucasarts knocks itself off No1 in the All Formats Entertainment Software Chart with the Grand Theft Auto influenced ‘Mercenaries’ (PS2/XB), using their own Jedi mind tricks to push ‘Knights of the Old Republic 2’ (XB/PC) down to No2.

‘Mercenaries’ becomes the first original IP game to reach No1 in the All Formats chart since Sony’s ‘Eye Toy: Play’ back in week 29, 2003. With 56% of sales going to the PS2 version and 44% to the Xbox version, ‘Mercenaries’ cannot over-turn ‘Knights of the Old Republic 2’ in the Xbox Chart, coming in at No2, but does manage to better ‘Sonic Mega Collection Plus’ in the PS2 Chart, coming in at No1. THQ’s ‘The Spongebob Squarepants Movie’ (PS2/GBA/XB/GC/PC) soaks up the half-term sales, climbing 3 places from No6 to the dizzy heights of No3. After an impressive launch week ‘World of Warcraft’ falls back to earth, down from No2 to No6 with a drop of 56% in sales. 3 more titles make it into the All Formats Top 40 this week, all of them single format exclusives - Namco/Sony’s ‘Ace Combat: Squadron Leader’ (PS2) debuts at No12, Microsoft’s ‘Dead or Alive: Ultimate’ (XB) is a new entry at No19 and ‘The Settlers: Heritage of Kings’ (PC) scrapes in at No39.

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