GT4 keeps competition at bay


Sony’s ‘Gran Turismo 4’ (PS2) holds on to No1 in the All Formats Entertainment Software Chart despite sales slowing (down 53%) and pressure from EA’s ‘FIFA Street’ (PS2/XB/GC) which shimmies up one place from No3 to No2 (sales up 51%).

The next 3 games in the All Formats Chart are all new releases – Ubisoft’s ‘Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30’ (XB version outselling PS2 and PC) at No3, Eidos’ ‘Championship Manager 5’ (PC) at No4 and Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 (GC) at No5 with the biggest Gamecube launch week since Mario Kart: Double Dash!!! (week 46 2003) and the 5th biggest Gamecube software launch in the UK. Konami’s ‘Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater’ (No1 only 2 weeks ago) slides down from No2 to No6, while there is only room for one DS game in the All Formats Top 10 (‘Super Mario 64 DS’ down from No4 to No8) compared to last week’s 3 Top 10 DS games. EA increases its grip on the sports genre with the release of 2 new EA Sports games, ‘Rugby 2005’ (PS2/XB/PC) at No10 and ‘Fight Night Round 2’ (PS2/XB/GC) at No11, giving the software giant 6 Top 40 EA Sports licensed titles. The release of the film ‘Robots’ in cinemas has helped Vivendi’s movie licence game become this week’s highest climber, up from No25 to No15. The only other new titles to break into the All Formats Top 40 this week are Ubisoft’s submarine sim ‘Silent Hunter III’ (PC-DVD) at No29 and Nintendo’s minigame puzzle title ‘Mario Party 6’ (GC) at No34.

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