Star Wars doubles up at the top of the chart


The Star Wars franchise rules the top of the All Formats Chart this week as the film tie-in ‘Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith’ (PS2/XB/DS/GBA) replaces ‘Lego Star Wars’ at No1, pushing the Eidos/Giant Interactive game down to No2. The Star Wars franchise represents 57% of sales from this week’s Top 10 All Formats games, with ‘Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith’ becoming the 4th fastest selling PS2 and 4th fastest selling Xbox game in 2005.

Hip Interactive’s ‘Pariah’ (XB/PC) gives MCV’s ‘Best Industry Newcomer’ (2005) their biggest UK launch to date, entering at No7 in the All Formats Chart, bolstering the presence of smaller publishing outfits at the top end of the charts (joining newcomers Giant Interactive, Jester and NCSoft). Sega’s ‘World Snooker Championship 2005’ (PS2/XB/PC) continues to climb, up one place from No6 to No5, while Microsoft’s ‘Jade Empire’ goes in the opposite direction, falling 8 places from No12 to No20. Nintendo DS has 2 new titles to add to its launch day roster as Nintendo’s ‘Yoshi Touch & Go’ debuts at No22. However it can’t dislodge ‘Super Mario 64 DS’ at No1 in the Nintendo DS chart, coming in at No2, ahead of Ubisoft’s ‘Star Wars Ep III: Revenge of the Sith’ which is new at No3.

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