The Force Fends Off Forza


Lucasarts and Ubisoft take a second week at the top of the Entertainment Software All Prices Top 40 thanks to PS2/XB/DS/GBA ‘Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith’ (PS2/XB/DS/GBA) – sales climb 7% over the launch week, although the Xbox version actually loses 22% over last week.

The reason for this drop is due to the new No2 - Microsoft debut very strongly with Xbox-only ‘Forza Motorsport’, the 5th fastest-selling Xbox title so far this year, taking sales away from the No1. Eidos climb 14 places to No3 thanks to PS2/XB/PC ‘Championship Manager 5’- the PS2 and Xbox versions are new this week and are also the first console versions of this brand. Eidos/Giant Interactive are at No4 (down 2 places over last week) with ‘Lego Star Wars’ on PS2/XB/PC/GBA. EA also drop 2 places to No5 with PS2/XB/GC ‘FIFA Street’ and Rockstar/Take 2 continue the pattern, down 2 places to No6 with PS2/XB ‘Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition’. Sony debut at No7 thanks to ‘Singstar Popworld’ on PS2, followed at No8 by Sony’s PS2 ‘Gran Turismo 4’. Also of note this week is Sierra/Vivendi’s PC ‘Half-Life 2’, re-entering at No17 thanks to retailer promotional activity. Of special note this week on the Entertainment Software Budget Price Chart is a new No1 for the first time this year (in fact the first new No1 in 25 weeks) as Sony’s ‘Singstar Popworld’ debuts at No1, pushing the long-standing No1, Vivendi’s ‘The Simpsons: Hit & Run’ down to No2.

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