The truth is out there! Area 51 climbs to No3


The Star Wars double act continues this week with Lucasarts’ ‘Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith’ enjoying a 2% rise in sales to keep its position at No1 for a fifth consecutive week, while Eidos/Giant Interactive’s ‘Lego Star Wars’ jumps by 68% thanks to strong TV advertising, staying at No2 but achieving its best PS2 sales week to date. Midway’s ‘Area 51’ (PS2/XB) makes its presence felt, flying from No8 to No3 in the All Formats Entertainment Chart with THQ’s ‘WWE Wrestlemania 21’ moving in the opposite direction, smacked down from No3 to No10.

There is only one new entry in this week’s Top 40 – Vivendi’s ‘Cold Winter’ (PS2) new at No19 from UK independent developer Swordfish Studios, the makers of Acclaim’s 2004 ‘World Championship Rugby’.

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