Mass Effect: Andromeda lands No1


EA unleash ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ for the first time on PS4 and Xbox One and the combined sales of console/pc versions give EA the No1, their first since week 48 last year (FIFA 17).

The original ‘Mass Effect’ debuted on Xbox 360 at No12 on the All Formats Top 40 (Units) back in Nov07, but since then EA have always debuted at No1with this series (‘Mass Effect 2’ back in week 4, 2010 and ‘Mass Effect 3’ back in week 10, 2012). Week 1 series highpoint is still ‘Mass Effect 3’, which was the first to see all versions released in the same week (Xbox360/PS3/PC), with PC box taking 10% of sales units back then. ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ is the 3rd biggest launch of the year so far (behind the recent releases of ‘Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands’ and ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’) and Andromeda has the 3rd best week 1 for the Mass Effect franchise in terms of physical sales. ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ shows a sales unit split of 55% PS4, 41% Xbox One and just 4% on PC, with an undivulged quantity having sold through EA Origin on PC (and also of course PSN / Xbox Live). Ubisoft drop from 2 successive weeks at No1 to No2 this week with ‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands’. Warner also drop 1 place to No3 with ‘Lego Worlds’ and Sony continue to drop 1 place per week since launch with ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ now No4. Microsoft’s ‘Halo Wars 2’ is one of the Xbox One high climbers this week, up 15 places to No11, driven by a major retail promotion during the week. Also climbing strongly are Microsoft’s ‘Rare Replay’ up 9 places to No18 and ‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ up 6 places to No25, thanks to hardware bundling.

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