First Ever Wipeout to Debut at No1


Sony’s ‘Wipeout: Omega Collection’ debuts at No1 on the Entertainment Software All Prices (Units).

Incredibly, for a Playstation classic franchise that launched in the same week as PS1 (wk39-1995) none of the previous versions of this game ever debuted at No1. Bandai Namco’s ‘Tekken 7’ drops one place to No2and this Playstation classic debuted 5 weeks after ‘Wipeout’ back in week 44, 1995. Debuting at No3 is Codemasters’ ‘Dirt 4’. The original ‘Colin McRae Dirt’ debuted at No4 (wk 24, 2007), ‘Colin McRae Dirt 2’ debuted at No2, held off the top by Activision’s ‘Guitar Hero 5’ (wk37, 2009) and ‘Dirt 3’ also debuted at No2 (wk21, 2011) held off by a second week at No1 for Rockstar/Take 2’s ‘L.A. Noire’. Sony’s ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ climbs all the way back to No4 thanks to continued retail discounting. Also new this week and debuting at No9 is Bethesda’s ‘The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind’, which sits just in front of Bethesda’s ‘Dishonoured 2’ at No10. Bethesda also have 2 re-entries this week due to massive discounting – in at No17 is ‘Doom’ and in at No18 is ‘Fallout 4’.

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