Crash Bandicoot Claims Debut No1


The wave of nostalgia continues and intensifies after the recent releases of ‘Wipeout: Omega Collection’ and ‘Tekken 7’.

This week sees 3 classic franchises back in the charts as the top 3 new releases. The first is a return for ‘Crash Bandicoot’ (all 3 original PS1 games from 1996-1998) as Activision’s ‘Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy’ for PS4 does what none of the originals did by debuting at No1. It’s not always about a strong debut though, as the original Crash Bandicoot games have helped the overall franchise of 16 different Crash titles to currently occupy the 24th position within the all-time UK franchise list (boxed software, unit sales since 1995 up to last week). Debuting at No2 is Codemasters’ ‘Micro Machines: World Series’ (PS4/Xbox One/PC) and this is a franchise first seen in 1991 on the Nintendo Entertainment System, now published over 20 different formats since then. Debuting at No7 is Sold Out’s ‘Elite Dangerous’ which finally gains release on PS4 (PC release dates back to 2014, but not via the traditional box/retail route). The original ‘Elite’ dates back to 1984 and the BBC Micro - the first UK games chart (Gallup’s ‘Chartalk’ newsletter) was published slightly after this (week 46, 1985) but was actually headed by ‘Elite’.

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