EA scores with FIFA 06


EA scores a hat-trick of No1s with three different games over the space of 3 weeks as ‘FIFA 06’ (PS2/XB/PC/GC/DS/GBA) relegates fellow top performer ‘Burnout Revenge’ (PS2/XB) to No2. The PS2 version is the fastest selling football game and the 5th fastest selling game ever in the UK.

The next 3 positions in the All Formats Entertainment Top 40 are all new releases with Ubisoft’s critically acclaimed Xbox-only ‘Far Cry: Instincts’ new at No3, Sega’s PC expansion pack ‘Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion’ at No4 and ‘Conflict: Global Storm’ (PS2/XB/PC) from Eidos/SCI at No5. EA has 4 Top 10 games this week as ‘The Sims 2: Nightlife’ (PC) gets pushed down from No2 to No6 and ‘Burnout Legends’ (PSP) falls back from No5 to No7. After a lengthy innings Codemasters’ ‘Brian Lara International Cricket 2005’ almost gets bowled out of the Top 10, down 46% in sales and falling from No3 to No9, while THQ’s ‘WWE: Day of Reckoning 2’ gets knocked out of the Top 40 altogether after claiming No11 last week. Midway’s ‘Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks’ replaces it, becomes the new beat-em-up contender in the top end of the charts, entering at No10 this week. Nintendo make their presence felt at No12 with DS chart topper ‘Advance Wars: Dual Strike’ marking an All Formats Chart debut at No12. Sega’s retro ‘Sonic Gems Collection’ (PS2/GC) is not far behind, new at No15, with the only other new entry this week ‘Sniper Elite’ from MC2/Ubisoft sneaking in at No26.

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