Harry Potter Blazes A Trail To The Top


This is a huge week for new releases – 8 brand new never seen before products – although rather strangely, all of them are outside the Top 10 for the moment. This week also sees 3 re-entries, 2 thanks to the new PSP Giga packs at retail and one thanks to a PC classic arriving on Xbox (‘Half-Life 2’). Untroubled by the new releases, EA’s ‘Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire’ climbs 5 places to No1, rocketing 50% over last week – the new PSP version accounting for 10% of sales whilst PS2 is still the wizard’s format of choice with 60% of total Potter sales units.

Lucasarts’ PS2/XB/PC/PSP ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ is down a similar amount to the previous week (-32% in sales) but clings on to second spot. THQ took No1 last week with PS2 ‘WWE Smackdown! Vs Raw 2006’ but sales decline 34% over the launch week and the title drops to No3. Konami climb 1 place to No4 thanks to a 22% increase in sales spread across the PS2 and Xbox versions of ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 5’, followed at No5 by EA’s 7-format ‘FIFA 06’, dropping 2 places despite a 4% increase in sales over last week. Atari are on the right track with PS2/XB/PC ‘The Matrix: Path Of Neo’ up 3 places to No6 (+9%). Sony re-enter at No7 with the people’s favourite when it comes to PSP Giga Pack options – ‘World Tour Soccer’ features in nearly every pack available at retail. In terms of new entries the biggest is Activision’s console-only PS2/XB/GC ‘Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One’ (No12), followed at No13 by Codemasters’ PS2/XB ‘LMA Manager 2006’ and at No14 by Ubisoft’s big Christmas title, ‘King Kong’ (initially released on PS2/XB/GC/GBA/PC). Sony’s PSP ‘Pursuit Force’ is next in line at No16 (the first title from Brit developer BigBig Studios), whilst EA debut at No19 with PS2/XB/GC ‘From Russia With Love’. ‘Half-Life 2’ re-enters at No22 thanks to the new Xbox version, published by EA (98% Xbox sales). The final new releases are Sega’s PS2/XB/GC ‘Shadow The Hedgehog’ at No25, EA’s PC ‘The Sims 2: Christmas Party Pack’ at No34 and EA’s ‘Battlefield 2: Modern Combat’ (PS2/XB) at No36.

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