EA Paints the Charts Black


Only one week after EA’s ‘Need for Speed: Most Wanted’ was toppled by Sony’s ‘Shadow Of The Colossus’, the giant US publisher regains No1 in the All Formats Top 40 with new release PS2/XB ‘Black’ becoming EA’s first All Formats No1 based on new IP since ‘Dungeon Keeper’ in 1997.

There are now 4 games released over the past two weeks that feature in the All Formats Top 5 with Codemasters’ PS2/XB/PC ‘Toca Race Driver 3’ debuting at No2, while Sony’s ‘Shadow Of The Colossus’ on PS2 drops from No1 to No4 and Lucasarts’ ‘Star Wars: Empire At War’ on PC slips from No2 to No5. Codemasters may not have beaten ‘Black’ to No1, but they can claim the only other Top 40 new entry as PC online-only MMORPG ‘RF Online’ debuts at No18. Codemasters’ 2 new releases enter at No2 (RF Online) and No3 (Toca Racer Driver 3) in the PC Full Price Chart behind ‘Star Wars: Empire at War’ at No1. There are good performances from Activision’s XB360/PC ‘Call of Duty 2’ up from No21 to No14 which benefits from retailer promotions on the XB360 version (back at No1 in the Xbox 360 Chart) and Atari’s PS2/XB/PC ‘Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure’ which makes good on a slow start, up 10 places from No25 to No15.

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