EA score with FIFA World Cup


Lara’s reign at the top is cut short after 3 weeks as EA take the No1 spot with ‘FIFA World Cup Germany 2006’ (although so far the multi-format title only takes No1 on Xbox 360).

Eidos’ ‘Tomb Raider: Legend’ only drops to No2, whilst Sega’s ‘Football Manager 2006’ enjoys a surge at the end of the season, up 5% and 4 league positions to No3. Nintendo’s ‘Animal Crossing: Wild World’ is still doing the business on DS, down just one place to No4. After 2 weeks at No2, Sierra/Vivendi’s ‘Ice Age 2: The Meltdown’ drifts 3 places to No5 followed at No6 by EA’s ‘The Godfather’. NCSoft debut strongly at No7 with ‘Guild Wars: Factions’, whilst there are a further 3 ‘new’ releases at the tail end of the Top 40: Eidos’ ’Rogue Trooper’ makes it in at No38 and Nintendo claim No39 with ‘Tetris DS’ (both launched the previous week but did not quite make the top 40), whilst Nintendo unleash yet more quirky DS fun with ‘Trauma Center: Under The Knife’ debuting at No40.

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