Cars shifts into top gear


‘Cars’ overtakes ‘Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories’ to give THQ their first All Formats No1 of 2006. The film launched on Friday, helping to boost sales of the game by 88% in its third week of release and put the skids on Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories’ 5 weeks dominance at the top of the All Format Chart.

‘Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories’ drops one place to No2, while Nintendo celebrates 2 DS exclusives in the All Formats Top 5 with ‘New Super Mario Bros’ a non-mover at No3 and ‘Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training’ up one place to No5. The 3 remaining Top 10 film tie-in games are slowly running out of gas with Ubisoft’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow’ remaining at No4, Disney’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’ down one place to No6 and Activision’s ‘Over the Hedge’ remaining at No10 – these being the only Top 10 games to lose sales this week. The Platinum release of ‘The Sims 2’ helps push EA’s blockbuster back into the Top 10, up from No13 to No8. Two weeks ago Take 2’s ‘Prey’ was at No2, but now finds itself out of the Top 10 falling 10 places from No7 to No17. Another XB360/PC title to slip this week is EA’s ‘Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II’, down 9 places from No11 to No20. There are two Top 40 new entries: PS2/PSP ‘Formula 1 06’ at No14 and add-on ‘Civilization IV: Warlords’ at No36 (No1 in the Full Price PC Entertainment Chart). A quarter of the All Formats Top 40 is made up of film license games thanks in part to ‘Miami Vice: The Game’ entering the Top 40 for the first time in its second week of release, at No25 and retailer promotions giving ‘The Godfather’ a new lease of life at No34.

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