Cars leads Chart gridlock


The Top 6 games have all slammed on the breaks this week, non-movers caught in another All Formats Chart traffic jam with ‘Cars’ slowing down (sales falling 15%), but holding on to No1, followed by ‘Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories’ at No2 and ‘New Super Mario Bros.’ at No3.

Microsoft’s ‘Ninety-Nine Nights’ on Xbox 360 debuts at No8 grabbing the first Top 10 new entry since Take 2’s ‘Prey’ and Ubisoft’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow’ made No2 and No10 respectively 6 weeks ago. The Ubisoft film tie-in almost breaks back into the Top 10 thanks to retailer promotions pushing it from No16 to No11, while at the other end of the chart, Take 2’s ‘Prey’ nearly drops out of the Top 40, down 4 places from No32 to No36. ‘Reservoir Dogs’ from Eidos debuts outside the Top 10, new at No14 (No3 in the PS2 Full Price Chart – the main format compared to just 7% of overall sales on PC and Xbox). The release of ‘Reservoir Dogs’ increases the total number of film/TV licensed games in the All Formats Top 40 to 14. The only other new entry this week is EA’s ‘Madden NFL 07’ which reaches the No37 yard line. The PC Budget Chart has a second week of all Sims games in the Top 7, while the PC Full Price Chart has to make do with only a Sims Top 2 thanks to ‘The Sims 2’ at No1 and ‘The Sims 2: Open for Business’ up 2 places from No4 to No2.

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