FIFA nets No1


‘FIFA 07’ shoots to the top of the All Formats Chart, released across 7 formats (PS2/XB/PSP/PC/GBA/DS/GC), EA’s football phenomenon also claims the lucky No7 position in the all-time fastest selling All Formats games - behind ‘FIFA 06’, but ahead of its predecessor on PS2 with the highest sales week of any PS2 FIFA game.

Launched in the same week of the year as ‘FIFA 06’, EA’s latest footballing superstar outsells it by 5,000 units on PS2 to become the 5th fastest selling PS2 game of all time in the UK, while 84% of sales were for the PS2 version compared to 80% for ‘FIFA 06’ (which was also released on 7 formats). Lucasarts’ ‘Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy’ falls from No1 to No4 as last week’s Top 10 newcomers all have positive second weeks: Eidos’ ‘Just Cause’ holds at No2 (sales up 17%), ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07’ stays at No3 despite an impressive second round, up 88% and ‘LMA Manger 2007’ slips two places from No4 to No6 despite an increase in sales of 28%. Square-Enix grab the next highest new entry with ‘Kingdom Hearts II’ which outsells the original Disney/Square RPG game’s launch week by a factor of 5. THQ continue their assault on the All Formats Top 10 with a debut for ‘Company of Heroes’ on PC at No7, while Microsoft’s Xbox 360 bundle continues to speed ‘Project Gotham Racing 3’ up the Chart, from No26 to No11. Having been released 13 weeks ago on PC, the special edition version of ‘Devil May Cry 3’ enters the Top 40 for the first time at No32 thanks to its launch on PS2, while Nintendo’s new DS game ‘42 All-Time Classics’ debuts at No36.

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