Predicable hat trick for FIFA 07


‘FIFA 07’ scores a hat trick at the top of the All Formats Chart despite a dip of 52% in sales. In its first 3 weeks on sale ‘FIFA 07’ has sold slightly less than ‘FIFA 06’ over the same 3 week period, but with the launch of ‘FIFA 07’ on Xbox 360 on Oct 27th (the same day as ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 6’) this gap could well be recovered.

The All Formats Chart says hello to ‘Scarface: The World is Yours’ at No2, debuting just ahead of ‘Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy’ down one place from No2 to No3. Eidos remain at No4 with ‘Just Cause’, while ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07’ slips down 2 places from No3 to No5. The only game in the All Formats Top 10 to move up the Chart is the ever-popular ‘Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training’, up from No8 to No7. The only other new releases to make the All Formats Top 40 are both PC games – ‘Championship Manager 2007’ replaces ‘LMA Manger 2007’ at No9 (Codemasters’ title drops out of the Top 10, substituted to the bench at No15) while ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator X’ jets in at No19. The release of ‘Open Season’ in cinemas over the weekend has helped propel the Ubisoft film license into the All Formats Top 40 - at No17 in its second week of release. THQ’s ‘Company of Heroes’ is a casualty of war, retreating from the Top 10, down 11 places from No7 to No18, while Vivendi’s ‘World of Warcraft’ re-enters the Top 40 at No33 thanks to a price dip. The release of the Xbox 360 Classics range heralds the arrival of a new Xbox 360 budget chart with ‘Project Gotham Racing 3’ well out in front.

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