Lost Planet still in a world of its own


Capcom’s ‘Lost Planet: Extreme Condition’ holds on to the No1 spot in the All Formats Chart for a 2nd consecutive week, while the football heavyweights of ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 6’ and ‘FIFA 07’ swap places - Konami’s ‘PES 6’ up one place to No2 and EA’s ‘FIFA 07’ dropping to No3.

There are now 6 games in the All Formats Top 10 by 4 different Japanese publishers (Capcom, Konami, Nintendo and Sega). Sega also claim this weeks highest new entry with the ‘Sega Mega Drive Collection’ on PSP/PS2 at No4 (No1 in the PSP budget chart, No3 on PS2 budget), while Nintendo’s Wii games continue to sell well with 2 Wii exclusives in the Top 10 – ‘Wario Ware: Smooth Moves’ up from No6 to No5 and ‘Wii Play’ down from No4 to No7, while ‘The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’ is this week’s highest climber, up from No21 to No13. Nintendo can also celebrate success on DS with a Top 10 re-entry for ‘New Super Mario Bros.’, up from No11 to No8 as well as a first appearance in the Top 40 for ‘Star Fox Command’ at No26 in its second week of release. ‘Little Britain: The Video Game’ becomes the only Blast/Mastertronic game in the Top 40 village this week, new at No14, while Ubisoft’s film tie-in ‘Rocky Balboa’ on PSP has an excellent second round, entering the Top 40 for the first time at No27 in its second week of release. The only remaining Top 40 new entry is Sony Online Entertainment/Koch Media’s ‘Vanguard: Saga of Heroes’ at No34, a new MMORPG from the makers of Everquest – set to provide competition with ‘World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade’ which drops out of the Top 10 (down from No5 to No18).

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