Final Fantasy XII is a chart-topping reality


The Square-Enix Final Fantasy phenomenon shows no signs of coming to an end with the latest instalment ‘Final Fantasy XII’ on PS2 becoming the fastest selling game in the series, debuting at No1 in the All Formats Chart ahead of Microsoft’s GTA-style ‘Crackdown’ for Xbox 360 at No2.

‘Final Fantasy XII’ accounts for 53.5% of all Full Price PS2 sales this week and is also the 5th different All Formats No1 so far this year, the highest number since 1999. ‘Crackdown’, which was developed by Realtime Worlds with Grand Theft Auto creator David Jones, adds to a successful start to the year for Microsoft and Xbox 360, becoming the 4th fastest selling Xbox 360 game behind ‘Gears of War’ ‘PES 6’ and ‘Call of Duty 3’. EA remains a strong presence in the All Formats Top 10 despite ‘FIFA 07’ slipping from No1 to No3 and ‘Need for Speed: Carbon’ reversing from No2 to No5. EA’s ‘The Sims 2: Pets’ climbs one place from No7 to No6, while the jump of ‘The Sims 2’ from No12 to No8 gives the giant American publisher four Top 10 games in the All Formats Chart. The continued success of super budget PC software sees Grabit/GDL shoot their way into the Top 10 with ‘Bad Boys II’ up from No17 to No7, while titles such as ‘Sudoku’ at No16 and ‘Sheep’ at No17 help give the new budget re-publisher a total of 6 Top 40 titles. Five games crash out of the All Formats Top 10 – ‘Supreme Commander’ drops from No4 to No12, ‘Avatar: The Legend of Aang’ falls from No6 to No14, ‘Little Britain: The Video Game’ slips 13 places from No5 to No18, ‘Lost Planet: Extreme Condition’ is now at No22 from No10, while ‘Battlestations: Midway’ which was No1 two weeks ago now finds itself at No23. Wii title ‘Excite Truck’ jumps over ‘Zelda: The Twilight Princess’, up from No36 to No21 and now tops the Wii Chart.

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