Final Fantasy XII leads Crackdown for a second week


Square-Enix’s ‘Final Fantasy XII’ remains at the top of the All Formats Chart for a second week ahead of Microsoft’s ‘Crackdown’ which holds on to No2.

The last Final Fantasy game for the PS1 ‘Final Fantasy IX’ is the only other ‘Final Fantasy’ game to hold on to the All Formats No1 position for longer (3 weeks). There may be no change at the top, but there is room in the Top 10 for 2 new entries – EA’s ‘The Sims 2: Seasons’ at No3 and Sega’s ‘Sonic and the Secret Rings’ on Wii at No5 (and No1 in the Wii Chart). The All Formats Top 10 contains 6 format-exclusive games across PS2, Xbox 360, PC, Wii and DS. Nintendo’s ‘Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training’ can’t get enough of the All Formats Top 10, re-entering for a second time, up from No11 to No8 while pushing All Formats No10 ‘New Super Mario Bros.’ down to No2 in the DS Chart. The only other new entry in this week’s Top 40 is Take 2’s ‘Ghost Rider’ at No24 in its second week of release. It’s a good week for Japanese publishers as well as Nintendo software formats with half the All Formats Top 10 being games published by Japanese companies. All Top 40 Wii and DS exclusive games are climbers this week, except ‘Mario Slam Basketball’ which drops from No36 to No39. The lower reaches of the All Formats Top 40 is peppered with DS re-entries – ‘Animal Crossing: Wild World’ at No32, ‘Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends’ at No33, ‘Big Brain Academy’ at No38 and ‘Mario Kart DS’ at No40. Nintendo is the most represented publisher in the Top 40 with 11 games.. ‘Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2’ from Ubisoft and ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories’ are both due next week and will make it hard for Square to realise a 3rd week at No1.

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