Sony wages war on chart


‘God of War II’ on PS2 rewards Sony with its 2nd All Formats No1 so far this year, debuting ahead of RPG newcomer ‘Lord of the Rings: Online', new at No2 (released on Tuesday) and RPG veteran ‘The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’, back in the All Formats Top 40 at No3 thanks to its release this week on PS3.

‘Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar’, published by Codemasters and developed by Turbine (creators of other MMORPG titles ‘Asherons Call’ and ‘D&D Online: Stormreach’) becomes the second fastest selling online-only PC title, behind World of Warcraft. Last week’s No1 from Nintendo ‘Pokemon Ranger’ is down to No5, while stablemate ‘Wii Play’ moves ahead of it, despite falling from No3 to No4. There have now been 12 different titles at the top of the All Formats Chart in the first 17 weeks of 2007. Fellow format holder Sony proves that there is still life in PS2 with the arrival of ‘Singstar Pop Hits’ at No6, giving Sony two All Formats Top 10 titles. The release of ‘Buzz!: The Mega Quiz’ at No16 rounds off a strong week of first party releases for Sony. Nintendo does however also enjoy chart success - ‘Hotel Dusk: Room 215’ is up from No22 to No11 and ‘Diddy Kong Racing DS’ enters at No13 in its second week of release.

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