Spider-Man sticks at No1


Activision’s ‘Spider-Man 3’ sticks to No1 in the All Formats Chart for a second week with sales up 26% and benefiting from the cross-promotional activity surrounding the movie.

The Xbox 360 version of ‘Spider-Man 3’ outsold the PS2 version on launch week, but this week the PS2 version is the super-hero, climbing 73% while the Xbox 360 version drops by 25%. However, the Xbox 360 version of ‘Spider-Man 3’ has to contend with the launch of the first Next-Gen version of ‘Command & Conquer’ as the release of ‘Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars’ (82% Xbox 360, 18% PC) pushes EA’s strategy title up from No20 to No2 (No1 on Xbox 360 ahead of Spider-Man 3 at No2). The Platinum PS2 and PSP releases of ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 6’ shoot Konami’s successful title back into the All Formats Top 10, up from No25 to No4, ahead of ‘FIFA 07’, up from No7 to No5 - continuing to enjoy a sales surge thanks to bundling on PC. After simmering nicely on Nintendo DS in recent weeks, ‘Cooking Mama’ from 505 Games serves up the first ever All Formats Top 10 position for the traditionally budget focused UK publisher - the release of the Wii version propels ‘Cooking Mama’ from No23 to No6. ‘Final Fantasy III’ from Square-Enix also breaks into the All Formats Top 10 this week, up from No11 to No7, toppling ‘Pokemon Ranger’ at the top of the DS Chart.

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