Yo Ho Ho and a Number One


Disney Interactive Studios celebrate a swashbuckling second week for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’, claiming their first ever All Formats No1 and forcing Activision’s ‘Spider-Man 3’ to walk the plank – falling from No1 to No3.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’ sails into a commanding lead at the top thanks to an 83% increase in sales on last week, becoming the 3rd film tie-in to reach No1 in the All Formats Chart in the past 8 weeks (after ‘Spider-Man 3’ and ‘TMNT’), and topping the PS3, PSP and Xbox 360 Charts. Eidos miss out on the top spot, debuting at No2 with ‘Tomb Raider: Anthology’, but can console themselves with a 3rd Tomb Raider game to debut at No1 in the PS2 Full Price Chart (after ‘Legend’ and ‘Angel of Darkness’). Nintendo remain the most represented publisher in the All Formats Top 10 with format exclusive titles ‘Mario Strikers Charged Football’ dipping one place from No3 to No4, ‘Wii Play’ holding on to No6 and ‘Kawashima’ down one place to No8. Sales of ‘Cooking Mama’ from 505 Games are still simmering nicely with a half-term rise of 3 places from No10 to No7. The next highest new entry after ‘Tomb Raider’ goes to ‘Shadowrun’ from Microsoft at No11 – the first title geared towards cooperative online play between PC and Xbox 360 gamers. THQ’s ‘Spongebob & Friends: Volcano Island’ erupts into the Top 40, new at No14 in its second week of release. The new ‘Pirates’ film manages to unearth lost treasure, with the budget priced ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow’ back in the Top 40 at No23.

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