3rd week at No1 for 3rd Harry Potter


EA’s ‘Harry Potter – Prisoner Of Azkaban’ (PS2/XB/GC/GBA/PC) is at No1 in the All Formats Chart for a third week despite a 51% drop in sales.

Ubisoft’s ‘Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow’ (PS2/XB/PC/GBA) jumps 31 places from No33 to No2 thanks to the release of the PS2 version, making it the only title in this week’s All Formats Top 40 to climb in sales. Released 12 weeks after the original Xbox version, ‘Pandora Tomorrow’ on PS2 sells just over half that of the Xbox format’s launch week. The highest new release is Rockstar/Take 2’s ‘Red Dead Revolver’ (PS2/XB) which debuts at No3, while Eidos’ ‘Thief: Deadly Shadows’ (XB/PC) enters at No7 giving Eidos 2 titles in the All Formats Top 10 with ‘Hitman: Contracts’ (PS2/XB/PC) down from No4 to No9. SCI’s ‘Galleon’ (XB), developed by Toby Gard (creator of Tomb Raider) does not make it into the All Formats Top 40, but debuts at No7 in the Xbox Full-Price Chart.

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