Potter makes it 4 out of 4


Potter mania continues to gather steam with Harry Potter the film on general release as of 2 weeks ago, joined this week by the Friday 20th July midnight launch of the 7th and final Harry Potter book.

No surprise then that EA’s cinema tie-in ‘Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix’ takes a fourth straight week at No1. Activision’s multi-format ‘Transformers’ debuts strongly at No2 (although snatches No1 on PS2 and 360 Full Price Charts) - with the movie due for release on Friday 27th July all eyes will be on next week’s chart to see if it can topple the mighty Potter. Nintendo ‘brain mania’ is also affecting the charts this week with no less than 3 brain titles in the Top 10 – Nintendo’s recent DS follow-up ‘More Brain Training From Dr Kawashima’ is at No3, new entry at No4 on Wii is ‘Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree’ and the original DS ‘Dr Kawashima’ is at No8. At No6 is Activision’s ‘Shrek The Third’ joined this week by a PSP version and at No7 is Take 2’s ‘The Darkness’, joined this week by a PS3 version which claims No1 on the PS3 chart. Nintendo’s ‘Mario Party 8’ on Wii drops from No5 to No30 as retail awaits new stock of this product.

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