Transformers top performers


There’s no disguising the appeal of ‘Transformers: The Game’ as Activision’s multi-format film tie-in remains at No1 in the All Formats Top 40 for a third consecutive week despite a 15% drop in sales. No change at No1 then, but there is a change this week to the ELSPA/Chart-Track charts with the integration of an Individual Formats Top 40 for both software units and value.

These new charts represent the highest selling games across one individual format and unsurprisingly sees Nintendo the first company to top both charts with ‘Wii Play’ for units and ‘Pokemon Diamond’ for value. There are 16 DS, 10 Wii, 7 PS2, 2 PSP, 2 PS3, 2 Xbox 360 and 1 PC game in the new Individual Formats (Units) Top 40. Nintendo’s formats also continue to enjoy success in the All Formats Chart as ‘Wii Play’ moves up one place to No2, ‘Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training’ is up 5 places to No3 - its highest All Formats chart position ever, equalling its third week of launch when it also reached No3. ‘Pokemon Diamond’ and ‘Pokemon Pearl’ are the only Nintendo games in the All Formats Top 10 to lose sales (both down 20%) with ‘More Brain Training’ down 1 place to No5, but up 6% in sales and ‘New Super Mario Bros.’ holding on to No10 thanks to a 14% jump in sales. Ubisoft break into the Top 10 with ‘Surf’s Up’ riding a wave following the success of the film, up from No11 to No8. There are only 3 games in the All Formats Top 10 that are not exclusive to Nintendo formats and all 3 are film tie-ins (Transformers, Harry Potter and Surf’s Up). THQ have this week’s highest climber with DS game ‘Purr Pals’ entering the All Formats Top 40 for the first time at No18 in its second week. All No1s stay the same except ‘Surf’s Up’ rising to the top of the PS2 budget chart and ‘Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training’ up from No4 to No1 in the DS Chart.

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