Halo World!


It’s no surprise that Microsoft and Bungie are No1 in the All Formats Chart with ‘Halo 3’. ‘Halo 3’ storms in as the second fastest selling game ever in the UK, behind ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’.

The UK’s love-affair with Rockstar’s PS2 San Andreas almost 3 years ago is still the benchmark for week 1 and lifetime sales. However, the PS2 installed base back then was around 6.6m (after 4 years) – Microsoft have to make do with ‘just’ 1.4m in less than 2 years. Released on Wednesday 26th September for the first time on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 format, ‘Halo 3’ was bought by 1 in 3 Xbox 360 owners in its first week, whereas 1 in 6 Xbox owners bought ‘Halo 2’ and back in PS2’s heyday (week 44 2004) 1 in 10 PS2 owners bought ‘San Andreas’. Although ‘Halo 3’ had a headstart on San Andreas with 4 days of sales in its first week rather than San Andreas’ 2 days, the launch is still very impressive, helping to more than double the sales of Xbox 360 hardware to the highest level shown this year and even beats Nintendo’s Wii for the first time since week 13 this year. 68% of Xbox 360 software sales this week were of ‘Halo 3’ (compared to 56% of PS2 software for San Andreas’ launch), pushing Microsoft’s format to its highest sales week ever (comfortably beating week 51 2006 which was the previous highest). ‘Halo 3’ is not the only massive game to be launched this week: EA’s ‘FIFA 08’ kicks off at No2 in the All Formats Chart with the biggest opening week of any FIFA game. The PS2 version accounts for 44% of sales, the Xbox 360 version 26%, 20% on PS3 and 10% across the remaining formats (PSP, Wii, PC and DS). The Xbox 360 version of ‘FIFA 08’ is the third fastest selling Xbox 360 game in the UK, behind ‘Halo 3’ and ‘Gears of War’. 83% of all Xbox 360 software sales were for ‘Halo 3’ and ‘FIFA 08’. There are a total of 7 new games in this week’s All Formats Top 40 released by 5 different publishers – Microsoft, EA, THQ, Sega and Activision. The next highest new entry is THQ’s ‘Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights’ at No5, then ‘Sega Rally’ at No7 and EA’s ‘Skate’ on Xbox 360 at No11. Activision’s PC-only ‘Quake Wars: Enemy Territory’ can only manage No16, while THQ’s ‘Ratatouille’ sneaks in at No39 in anticipation of the film’s UK release on October 12th.

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