FIFA still top of the table


‘FIFA 08’ fends off Microsoft for a second week at the top of the All Formats Chart, but it’s the turn of ‘Project Gotham Racing 4’ to mount the challenge rather than ‘Halo 3’ as Microsoft’s racer debuts at No2, pushing ‘Halo 3’ down to No3.

‘PGR 3’ may have been an Xbox 360 launch title, but the 4th in the series has a better launch week and in the same week as the launch of Sony’s new 40GB PS3 console and hardware price drop. The multi-format ‘Ratatouille’ from THQ jumps 4 places from No8 to No4 with the film now on general release, while stablemate ‘Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights’ moves in the opposite direction, down from No3 to No7. EA’s ‘MySims’ and ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08’ only fall one place to Nos 5 and 6 respectively, while bundling on the cheaper 60GB PS3 allows ‘Resistance: Fall of Man’ to re-enter the Top 10 at No8 and pass ‘FIFA 08’ at the top of the PS3 chart. Renewed Wii stock helps push ‘Wii Play’ up 2 places from No11 to No9 and ‘Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree’ up from No15 to No11. The release of the PS3 version of ‘Skate’ gives EA’s skateboarding game a boost, up from No14 to No12. The PS3 bundling is a godsend for ‘Heavenly Sword’ which re-enters the Top 40 at No14, while ‘Motorstorm’ also benefits, up from No23 to No18. The only All Formats Top 40 new entry other than ‘Project Gotham Racing 4’ is Vivendi’s ‘Crash of the Titans’, new at No19.

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