EA dominates No1 position in early 2004


EA has a game at No1 on the All Formats Chart for the 4th time this year with ‘UEFA Euro 2004 Portugal’ (PS2/XB/PC) - the publisher now accounts for over half of all titles to reach the All Formats No1 position in 2004.

EA’s game moves up from No2 to No1 with a climb in sales of 24% across all three formats (with PS2 and PC the only versions to increase in sales). Nintendo’s Gamecube-only ‘Pokemon Colosseum’ is very close behind with a new entry at No2, making it the highest selling Gamecube title since Nintendo’s ‘Mario Kart: Double Dash!!’ was launched towards the end of last year. It is Nintendo’s first Gamecube Pokemon game, achieving the 8th highest sales week of any Gamecube title. Last week’s No1, Eidos’ ‘Hitman: Contracts’ (PS2/XB/PC) falls to No3, while Microsoft’s critically acclaimed ‘Ninja Gaiden’ (XB) is the next highest new entry at No4, followed by Midway’s controversial ‘The Suffering’ (PS2/XB), a new entry at No9. There are 2 more new entries in the All Formats Top 40 with Vivendi/Sierra’s movie tie-in ‘Van Helsing’ debuting at No11 and Ubisoft’s graphic adventure sequel ‘CSI: Dark Motives’ new at No34. The release of the Platinum version of Konami’s ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 3’ (PS2/PC), (a re-entry at No15) means there are now 7 football titles in the All Formats Top 40. However, of these only EA’s UEFA game and ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 3’ see any increase in sales. In fact the only other title in the All Formats Top 40 to post an increase in sales is Atari’s ‘Transformers Armada: Energon’ (PS2) which is up 2% week-on-week.

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