Burnout Doesn't Fade Away


EA’s ‘Burnout Paradise’ is the first title of 2008 to hold on to the No1 spot in the All Formats Chart, despite a 13% drop in sales in its second week of release. The PS3 version accounts for 49% of sales this week, almost overtaking the Xbox 360 version whose sales fall by 16% compared to PS3’s 9% decline.

Replenished Wii console hardware stock gives ‘Wii Play’ a boost, up from No4 to No2 with sales almost doubling (+87%). Activisions’ ‘Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’ holds on to No3, featuring in the Top 3 of the All Formats Chart for the past 8 weeks, while Sega’s ‘Mario & Sonic’ falls from No2 to No4 (sales down 46%). Nintendo’s only DS representatives in the All Formats Top 10 are the original ‘Brain Training’, a non-mover at No5, and the sequel ‘More Brain Training’, up from No10 to No7. Competitive pricing on ‘WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008’ helps THQ’s game jump back into the All Formats Top 10 arena, while Nintendo’s Wii ‘Donkey Kong: Jet Race’ speeds to the outskirts of the Top 10, up 22 places from No33 to No11 in its second week of release. Wii hardware bundling enables both ‘Sonic and the Secret Rings’ and ‘Mario Strikers Charged Football’ to re-enter the All Formats Top 40 at No22 and No28 respectively. The only game released this week to debut in the All Formats Top 40 is Microsoft’s ‘Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom’ on Xbox 360 at No33.

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