GTA IV Still Streets Ahead


It’s a third week of ‘GTA IV’ at No1 and ‘Wii Fit’ at No2 with the record breaking Rockstar/Take 2 game retaining top spot in the All Formats Chart despite a 41% drop in sales, while Nintendo’s fitness game sheds 52% of sales.

In the All Formats Top 20 sales of ‘GTA IV’ and ‘Wii Fit’ fall by the greatest margin. This weeks highest climber is ‘Mario Kart Wii’ up from No9 to No3, renewed stock of the in-demand title giving Nintendo 3 games in the All Formats Top 5 - ‘Wii Play’ down from No3 to No5. In fact Nintendo formats dominate the All Formats Top 40 with 20 format exclusives, while 28 games from the Top 40 are selling best on Nintendo formats. Sega still have 2 games in the All Formats Top 10 as ‘Mario & Sonic’ holds on to No4 and ‘Iron Man: The Official Videogame’ drops from No5 to No7. Konami’s ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2008’ gets budget versions this week, helping it up one place from No7 to No6. There are first appearances in the All Formats Top 40 for three games released 2 weeks ago – Disney’s ‘High School Musical 2: Work This Out!’ on DS - the highest at No14, the EA/Steven Spielberg designed ‘Boom Blox’ on Wii at No21 and film tie-in on DS/Wii ‘Speed Racer’ from Warner Bros at No37. The only All Formats Top 40 new entry this week is ‘Top Trumps: Doctor Who’ from Eidos at No22.

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