Sonic Heroes is back at No1


Sega’s great run of form continues as ‘Sonic Heroes’ (PS2/GC/XB) battles it way back to No1 in the All Formats Top 40, up from No3 and No2 in the last 2 weeks (it had previously held the No1 spot for both weeks 6 and 7).

Sonic, on the back of last weeks good Easter sales, helps to push the previous No1 ‘Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow’ from Ubisoft (XB/PC/GBA) down to No4, behind a strong ‘World Championship Rugby’ (PS2/XB) from Acclaim (up from No5 to No2) and Symantec’s consistent anti-virus product ‘Norton Internet Security 2004’ (up from No4 to No3). The difference in sales between No1 and No4 is just over 500 sales, making it very close at the top. After the recent boom in war themed games, post Easter sees a resurgence in titles aimed more at kids, like ‘Sonic Heroes’, ‘The Sims’ (up 8 places from No16 to No8 thanks to the Platinum version which was released last week on April 9th), ‘The Cat in the Hat’ (No36 to No10, the film tie-in was released on April 2nd), ‘Eye Toy: Groove’ (up from No32 to No26) and this week’s only new release, Konami’s ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ (PS2/XB/GBA) debuting at No24. Sony’s beat-em up adventure game ‘Rise to Honour’ (PS2), with Jet Li, manages to enter the All Formats Top 40 for the first time at No 38, after having been released last week.

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