Smash Bros Still Brawling at No1


It’s a stalemate at the top of the All Formats Chart as ‘Super Smash Bros: Brawl’ fends off competition from ‘Battlefield: Bad Company’ at No2 and ‘Lego Indiana Jones’ at No3 – all non-movers this week.

Sales of Nintendo’s critically acclaimed brawler drop 48% in its second week, while sales of EA’s latest in the Battlefield franchise and LucasArts’ ‘Lego Indiana Jones’ both fall by 31%. Indiana Jones has to watch his back as several sports games are breathing down his neck: ‘Big Beach Sports’ from THQ climbs one place to No4, only 350 sales short of catching the LucasArts title. Sega celebrate two All Formats Top 10 Olympics games with ‘Beijing 2008’ sprinting from No9 to No5 and ‘Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games’ edging back into the Top 10, up from No11 to No8, while Take 2’s ‘Top Spin 3’ serves up a 2 place jump from No8 to No6. Nintendo have the only format-exclusive games to chart in the All Formats Top 10 with ‘Wii Fit’ getting more regular Top 10 exercise despite dropping 3 places from No4 to No7, while ‘Wii Play’ bounces back into the Top 10, up from No12 to No9. Vivendi capture the highest chart position for a film tie-in, ‘The Bourne Conspiracy’ up from No15 to No10, ahead of Activision’s ‘Kung Fu Panada’, this week’s highest climber, up from No40 to No16. ‘Mario Kart Wii’ and ‘Metal Gear Solid 4’ both fall out of the All Formats Top 10, down from No7 to No14 for Mario and No6 to No15 for MGS4. There is a re-entry for ‘Unreal Tournament III’ at No18 thanks to the release of the Xbox 360 version, while the highest new entry is Sony’s ‘Buzz! Quiz TV’ at No22, the first Buzz! game for PS3, ahead of new DS Pokemon duo ‘Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time’ at No30 and ‘Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness’ at No35.

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