Nintendo is Fighting Fit


Nintendo knock themselves off the top of the All Formats Chart this week as a replenished ‘Wii Fit’ steps up 6 places to reach No1, helping to push fellow Wii blockbuster ‘Super Smash Bros: Brawl’ down to No3.

Since its chart-topping launch 12 weeks ago ‘Wii Fit’ has been plagued with fluctuating stock, but a sales increase this week of 60% makes up for the 37% drop in sales for Nintendo’s ‘Super Smash Bros: Brawl’. ‘Wii Fit’ denies ‘Lego Indiana Jones’ another shot at top spot despite the LucasArts title moving up one place to No2, ahead of ‘Smash Bros.’ by only 167 sales. Wimbledon may be over but Take 2’s ‘Top Spin 3’ still manages a 7% jump in sales, up from No6 to No4. Released 3 weeks ago, EA’s ‘Battlefield: Bad Company’, THQ’s ‘Big Beach Sports’ and Sega’s ‘Beijing 2008’ all slide, down from No2 to No5, No4 to No6 and No5 to No8 respectively. Top performers this week are Activision’s ‘Kung Fu Panda’ up 7 places following the release of the film in cinemas and the Wii hardware-bundled ‘Carnival: Funfair Games’ up from No23 to No15. In anticipation of the film’s UK release on 18th July, the THQ game ‘Wall-E’ breaks into the All Formats Top 40 in its second week of release at No16. Ubisoft join the Wii mini-game party with this week’s only new entry - a debut at No29 for ‘Sports Party’. There are now 5 Wii-exclusive party games in the All Formats Top 40.

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