Tom Clancy dominates the Charts


Ubisoft’s ‘Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow’ for Xbox and GBA takes a second week at No1 - joined this week by the PC version.

There are still 4 Tom Clancy titles in the All Formats Top 40, even higher up the Charts this week as they all lie within the Top 14 - ‘Rainbow Six 3’ at No9 (PS2/XB), the original multi-format ‘Splinter Cell’ at No12 (rising to No1 on the All Formats Budget Chart) and PS2 ‘Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm’ at No14 (and No2 on the All Formats Budget Chart). On this Chart EA are No2 for a second week with PS2/XB/GC/GBA ‘James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing’ and Sega rise 3 places to No3 thanks to PS2/XB/GC ‘Sonic Heroes’. The threat to PC’s from virus attacks remains consistent, as does the chart position for Symantec’s ‘Norton Internet Security 2004’ up one place to No4. Ubisoft’s PC-DVD ‘Far Cry’ drops one place to No5, followed by all three console-orientated football titles with Codemasters ‘LMA Manager 2004’ at No6 (PS2/XB), Sony’s PS2 ‘This Is Football 2004’ at No7 and EA’s ‘FIFA 2004’ (PS1/PS2/XB/GC/GBA/PC/N-G) at No8. THQ ‘debut’ at No17 with ‘Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mayhem’ (GBA – PS2/XB/GC are new 2 weeks ago). Konami’s GBA ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament 2004’ ‘debuts’ at No36 on this Chart (it was actually released the previous week) whilst Namco/EA really debut at No37 with ‘R:Racing’ (PS2/XB/GC).

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