PES 2009 scores No1 past FIFA


Konami’s ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2009’ kicks ‘FIFA 09’ down to No2 as EA’s 2 week reign at the top of the All Formats chart ends with a 54% dip in ‘FIFA 09’ sales.

The PS3 version of ‘PES 2009’ makes the most of the two week wait for the PS2 version, claiming 58% of sales, while Xbox 360 accounts for 40% and PC 2%. Last year the PS2 version was the top seller with 42%, then 30% for Xbox 360, 26% for PS3 and 2% for PC. Konami can’t match FIFA’s exceptional launch week with sales across all three formats not able to overturn FIFA 09’s Xbox 360 debut week. Last year the Xbox 360 launch weeks were neck and neck, but this time around Xbox 360 FIFA’s launch has sold 2.66 times more than that of PES. The launch of PES on Xbox 360 is lower than last year’s game, however the PS3 version’s launch week is up 39%. THQ can celebrate a successful Xbox 360 launch of ‘Saints Row 2’ which sits comfortably behind ‘FIFA 09’ at No3 with 73% of sales on Xbox 360 and 27% on PS3. The Xbox 360 version of ‘Saints Row 2’ is only 5,000 units behind PES 2009 at No2 in the Xbox 360 Full Price Chart. ‘Lego Batman’ makes way for ‘PES 2009’ and ‘Saints Row 2’ by dropping 2 places to No4, while ‘Wii Fit’ also falls 2 places to No5. ‘Mario Kart Wii’, a non-mover at No6, joins ‘Wii Fit’ as the only All Formats Top 10 games to increase in sales, while ‘Star Wars: The Force Unleashed’ and ‘Brothers in Arms: Hells’ Highway’ lose 35% and 41% of sales respectively, down to No’s 7 and 10. There is a re-entry for ‘Bioshock’ at No14 thanks to a much later launch of the PS3 version.

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