Michael Jackson R.I.P.


There is, of course, only one story this week: Michael Jackson’s death on 25th June, which generated an unprecedented surge in sales of his entire catalogue and catapulted his songs, albums and videos back into the charts.

Sixteen MJ songs settle in this week’s Top 40 Singles Chart, headed by ‘Man In The Mirror’ at No3 (also his most popular posthumous download in USA and UK), followed by ‘Thriller’ at No8 and ‘Billie Jean’ at No11. The impact on the Album Chart is even more pronounced, despite the fact that many stores ran out of stock after a couple of days: ‘The Essential’ proves the most popular choice at No1, with ‘Number Ones’ at No2 and ‘King of Pop’ at No3. ‘Thriller’ proves to be the most sought-after of his studio albums, re-entering the chart at No5. In total, seven MJ albums make this week’s Top 20, with ‘Off The Wall’ at No11, ‘Bad’ at No14 and ‘HIStory’ at No19. On a final note, ’Number Ones’, ‘Live In Bucharest’ and ‘Dangerous’ take No3, No4 and No6 on the Music Video chart. The remainder of this week’s chart activity is a side-show to the main event: David Guetta returns to the top of the Singles Chart with ‘When Love Takes Over’ as last week’s No1 from Industry crashes out of the chart as their mini-tour of record stores comes to an end. On the Album Chart, Imelda May slips from No1 to No4 with ‘Love Tattoo’ and the only new entry is La Roux’s eponymous debut at No12.

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