A Fitting No1


The biggest release week of the year in terms of individual products and SKU’s sees 41 different games/franchises added to Chart-Track’s database – overall this is almost 80 SKU’s, ranging from single format PC titles to products like ‘Band Hero’ - available as 9 different versions.

Sega’s ‘Football Manager 2010’ (-53%) drops from No1 to No4 and last week’s 2 & 3 simply move up to No’s 1 & 2:  Nintendo’s ‘Wii Fit Plus’ (+3%) is now No1 and enjoys a storming second week with EA’s ‘FIFA 10’ comfortably nestled at No2 (-13%).  Nintendo’s ‘Wii Sports Resort’ climbs 7 places to No3 (+63%), fuelled by the best Wii hardware sales so far this year, including a 57% increase in the White Wii Sports Resort Pack (launched 6 weeks ago) and a strong debut this week for the Black Wii Sports Resort Pack.  The highest new entry is EA’s ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ on 360/PC at No5.  Konami’s ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2010’ receives the PS2/PSP versions this week but overall sales are down 42% and the title drops from No5 to No9.  Next on the new-release radar is Sony’s ‘Singstar Take That’ debuting at No16 for PS3/PS2 and Sony also debut at No22 with PS3 ‘Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time’.

The final new-entry is actually a re-entry as Atari launch 4 formats (XB360, Wii, DS and PC) of ‘Ghostbusters: The Videogame’ – now over 7 formats (including the PSP version, new this week from Sony joining the original PS2/PS3 versions which debuted 20 weeks ago, also published by Sony).

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