Mass Effect 2 Gravitates to No1


EA score their first chart topper of the year on the Entertainment Software (All Prices) Top 40 as ‘Mass Effect 2’ is comfortably No1, debuting on Xbox 360 & PC.

Original ‘Mass Effect’ (highest chart position on this chart No12) was a staged release having debuted in week 47, 2007 on Xbox 360 (at No2 on the Xbox 360 Full Price Chart, held off by the 2nd week of Ubisoft’s ‘Assassin’s Creed’) and then in week 23, 2008 on PC (again No2, held off by a 3rd consecutive week for Eidos’ ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’).  Sales of ‘Mass Effect 2’ on Xbox 360 are almost double that achieved first time round and three times higher on PC.  Ubisoft’s Wii ‘Just Dance’ only drops to No2 and actually enjoys a sales increase of 16% over last week.  Activision take No3 with ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ (-3%) – 12 weeks and counting and it is yet to drop out of the Top 3.  Sony take the only other new entry this week at No4 with ‘MAG’, short for ‘Massive Action Game’ on PS3 – an online-only FPS from Zipper Interactive, best known for a long line of PS2 SOCOM: US Navy Seals games.

Elsewhere within the Entertainment Software Chart there is nothing new to report with the usual protagonists jostling for position within the rest of the Top 10.

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